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User Experience Optimization
We pursue data-driven insights needed for optimized marketing strategies – ones tied to revenue and returns. That's why we turn to the usability experts to create best-in-class site experiences that maximize return and response.

Advanced targeting and statistical analysis, along with industry-leading multivariate and A/B testing, optimize your site and landing pages. It's a winning combination that assures you of a seamless user experience from first impression to final conversion – and serves as a powerful catalyst for conversion.

This service includes:

· Objective Questionnaire: We find out what your goals are with the website and work with you to decide which conversion process is to be optimized.

· Flow Analysis:
One of our specialists analyzes the flow of your website from the perspective of a client and their needs. A detailed report is created with recommendations of how to improve the conversions of your website.

· Website Optimizer: We install Website Optimizer on your site. This tool allows us to specify different variations of pages with the end goal stated for the test. Optimizer shows one visitor each a variation of the page (only one variation is shown to a single visitor). Each month we modify the variations as needed to continually improve the conversion rate of your site. At the end of the different tests, we can look up the reports showing which variations are performing the best, and by how much, and those are the variations that would be permanently used.

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