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Product Management

The shortening of product lifecycles and the growing demands of customers present considerable challenges to companies. Product Management maximizes product lifetime value through effective pre- and post-launch management strategies.

Driving Product Management across Sectors
Our product management experiences extend across all major industrial sectors. We have worked with major global companies to improve their product management by:
· Reducing product launch time. We aligned their marketing and sales plans and successfully created cross-functional teams to improve relationships with customers and partners.
· Developing a product management strategy, new processes, key performance indicators (KPIs) and IT tools for a leading bank
· Establishing a cross-functional product planning process and market intelligence refinement program
· Redesigning the product offers and pricing structures of a leading energy company

Excellence in Product Management Increases Profitability
Effective product management can help you improve your bottom line by enabling:
· Differentiated product positioning oriented towards profitable customer segments
· Revenue maximization throughout the product lifecycle
· Portfolio balancing through product performance monitoring and management
· Cost reduction via improved direction of resources and investments
· Resource allocation towards the most profitable products
· Improved decision-making when selecting product innovation initiatives
· Understanding of what product costs truly generate value

Creating, Capturing and Delivering Product Value
We work with you to determine which of our solutions will bring the most value to your organization, taking into consideration your products, services and current product management capabilities:
· Product strategy: product development strategy, positioning, planning, pricing and contingency planning
· Product innovation: innovation planning process and prioritization models, Rapid Innovation and innovation partnership networks
· Product launch: launch planning, governance and project management, readiness assessments, early commercialization, global alignment and mobilization
· Product portfolio management: portfolio process review, redesign and rationalization
· Product lifecycle management: PLM capability assessment, transformation and technology assessment

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