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We provide a full set of custom software development services for clients: enterprise, governments, associations and other organizations, the services also including software design, commercial website design and commercial databases.

The features of UDi-Tech software development:

Achieve expert custom software development:
Our employees use advanced information technology to develop efficient and reliable custom software. We will be in accordance with the requirements of your business and industry to provide customized services. By using an efficient development process and the latest information technology, we will provide the best cost-effective solution. We will complete all the design requirements of software product development based on the time to meet project requirements.

Excellent advantages in software development:

With our valuable experience build for your software development, you will not only save costs of outsourcing software development, but also can growth business to achieve the new target:
• Experienced and well-organized team
• Valuable experience on full software development
• Target oriented project management
• Low-cost and higher efficient software development services

Types of software:
Customized software development based on Windows, Linux and Unix, and other internet applications

B / S Software (Brower / Server)
B / S Software, Browser / Server based software, along with the rise of Internet technology to change traditional C / S structure. In this structure, users interface completely through the web Browser, most business logic is implemented from the server side. B / S software is a new software system technology, combined with a variety of browsers Script Language (VB Script, JavaScript ...) and ActiveX technology, using a standard Web browser to achieve specific need, and save development costs.

C / S Software (Client / Server)
C / S software can also be referred to as client side software, C / S software (client / server model) is divided into two layers of client and server.  As the number of server connections and data traffic restrictions, C / S software is suitable for the small number of LAN users to use.

 If you want to develop in the specified software for your system/platform or network platform, please contact the new number, access to free quotes and advice.

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